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14 September 2008 @ 05:12 pm
Who's About to Fly Over the Cuckoo's Nest?  
Title: Who's About to Fly Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
Author: PrincessSputnik AKA LuxTenebrae at MTT.
Pairing: Jim/Pam
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Spoilers for Goodbye, Toby and the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Summary: It's the end of the summer and Pam is about to come home from Pratt. Jim's had a bad day and it's been two weeks since he's seen Pam let alone other things. Takes place in the summer between season four and season five. Steamy oneshot.

“Beesly, I swear to you I’m about to lose my mind.”

“Well, hello to you too.”

Jim let go of his cell phone to cradle it between his ear and shoulder so as to make a U-turn with both hands.

“I’m serious, Pam. I’m about to be the one to fly over the cuckoo’s nest, whatever that means. I never understood the title of that movie.”

“The one with Jack Nicholson?”

“Yeah. I’m about to go crazy, just like he did.”

“He had a lobotomy though, didn’t he?”

“Sure, whatever.”

“You’re about to have a lobotomy? Is Dwight performing?”

“It feels like it. Might as well.”

“What’s got your panties in a twist, Halpert?”

Jim breathed a self-depreciating laugh as he slowed down, coming to a stoplight. He reached to his neck and loosened his tie. “Nice. I’ll have you know I’m not wearing any panties.”

“Oooo, you’re not? What else are you not wearing?”

“As much as I have loved the increase of phone sex with you over the past three months, I gotta say I’m not in the mood for it today.”

“You were in the mood for it last night as I recall. In fact, you were down right dirty.”

“Is it possible for you to hear me blushing over the phone?”

“Okay, enough with the shenanigans. I’m sorry. What happened today that is making you reference old 70’s films about lunatics?”

He sighed and gripped the steering wheel tighter with his free hand. “The usual. Michael was in rare form today trying to woo Holly. He kept asking me to discreetly watch him flirt with her so that I could give him a critique afterwards. Dwight and Andy were bugging the fuck out of me with their weird passive aggressive thing they’ve had going on all summer. Kelly still can’t stop talking about Ryan’s arrest and the temp they hired to replace you with, as I’ve already told you countless times, is a—not a nice lady.”

“She’s a bitch. You’re allowed to say it, Jim.”

Jim squeezed his eyes shut as he approached another stoplight and allowed himself to vent honestly. “She’s a complete and utter BITCH. I can’t stand that woman. I’m so glad she’s leaving next week when you come back.”

“Is she still giving you a dose of attitude when you point out to her that she didn’t transfer a call right?”

“Yeah. Today I was supposed to have a sales call at one o’clock but they had called to reschedule for four thirty. But I didn’t find that out until after I arrived there like a total douche. It turns out she had transferred the call to Stanely’s voicemail, who was out sick today and the business I was dealing with had forgotten my name so they didn’t second guess it. So I had to come all the way back to the office, knowing I’d have to waste gas to go back out there later and when I tell her she misdirected the call she rolled her eyes and said, and I quote, ‘Whatever.’ Then Michael demanded that I talk him up to Holly before I left again. You can imagine how awkward that conversation was. I just finished up with the sales call and now I’m on my way back to the office again because right before you called I realized I had forgotten my wallet in my desk. I’m just…sick of everything.”

“You poor baby. I’m sorry you had such a rough day. Though I must say that all of that doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary for Dunder Mifflin. Why did it get to you so badly today?”

Jim ran a free hand through his hair as he waited to make a left turn. “It’s just…getting harder to deal with all this crap with you not here. I guess it’s finally starting to catch up to me. I miss you. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and throw you over my shoulder to bring you back home.”

“Aww, I miss you too. And I can’t wait for you to pretend to be Tarzan, that’ll be fun. Are you sure a little bit of phone sex wouldn’t cheer you up in the mean time? Let me talk you off…the ledge, so to speak.”

Jim laughed as he pulled into the parking lot of Scranton Business Park. “Phone sex is great, don’t get me wrong. But I miss the real thing. Like, a lot. I mean, I know it’s only been two weeks but…still.” He pulled himself out of the car and began walking to the main door to the building. It had been two weeks since he had last seen Pam due to the craziness that descended upon her final two weeks of her summer session at Pratt. But thankfully tomorrow he was supposed to drive up to Brooklyn after work to begin helping her move back down to Scranton into his apartment. When they became engaged before she left for Pratt, she decided not to renew her lease since his apartment was much larger and nicer. He couldn’t wait to get her and her stuff into his apartment and call it their home.

Pam sighed on the other end, bringing his thoughts back to the present. “Yeah, me too. But I have a feeling I miss it more than you do.”

“That’s not possible. I’m a guy, therefore I miss it more. It’s a scientific fact. Hold on, I’m about to get on the elevator.” Jim held the phone to his chest as he stepped into the elevator and pressed for the floor to the office. He returned the phone to his ear as he exited the elevator.

“Sorry about that. I hate that my phone always breaks up in there. So, as I was saying, there’s no way you could miss it more than me.”

“I don’t know. Would you travel two hours to get the real thing when you knew you were going to get the real thing if you just waited out the next twenty four hours?”

“Well, I don’t know, that depends. How bad do I need it?” he asked with a slight hint of humor and seduction in his voice as he reached into his pocket for his keys and attempted to unlock the door to the empty office. As he walked into the foyer he realized that half of the lights were still on. Before he could question it, he turned around the corner of Michael’s office and suddenly heard Pam’s voice in surround sound. His head shot up immediately to find her sitting on his desk, her legs crossed and right foot resting in his chair.

“Lets just say…really, really bad,” Pam told him with a sexy grin as she closed her phone shut.

Jim couldn’t stop his mouth from dropping open. After a beat he realized he still had the cell phone pressed to his ear and slowly lowered it away from his head and snapped it closed in his hand. A slow, sensual grin began spreading across his face as his eyes traveled the length of her, taking in her appearance and attire. Her hair was down in a mixture of soft, casual curls and waves. She was wearing a tight, short-sleeved button down white dress shirt that left nothing to the imagination with the first four buttons undone, giving him a generous flash of cleavage. Her shirt was tucked into a high waisted, tight black pencil skirt that came down to a few inches above her knees. But with her left leg crossed over her right, the skirt was hiked far enough up her thigh that he could see a pair of black garter belt straps attached to the tops of thigh high black stockings on her gorgeous, toned legs. As for her feet she wore a pair of black patent leather stiletto heels.

Pam set her phone down and placed her palms face down behind her on the surface of Jim’s desk and leaned back, causing her shirt to open further and her skirt to ride up higher on her thighs, revealing more of the garter belt straps and skin. She titled her head at him and smiled, her cheeks tinted pink with anticipation from the hungry look in Jim’s eyes. The bulge in his pants grew larger as her eyes scoured over him intently, clearly not looking at what he was wearing but instead imaging his body underneath. It made him feel as though he were naked already. He tucked his cell phone into his pocket and began walking slowly towards her.

“So…when, what, why and how?”

Pam’s left foot dangled in the air as she started bouncing her leg over her right thigh, squinting her eyes at the ceiling, pretending to consider the answer to his question.

“Hmm, lets see. I finished packing yesterday afternoon and after our oh so titillating conversation on the phone last night I knew there was no way in hell I’d be able to wait until Friday night to see you. So I hopped on a train and took a cab here.”

“Did anyone see you come in?”

“Nope, parking lot was completely empty.”

Jim stood next to her and gently caressed her right leg that was perched against his chair before picking her leg up and pushing his chair away. He gently uncrossed her legs and pushed her thighs slightly apart so he could stand in between them. Pam hooked her ankles behind his calves as he grabbed her face with both of his hands. She rested her hands on his wrists and smiled as he lowered his lips to hers in a hurried yet sensual kiss. Her lips were soft and slightly sticky from lip-gloss she had applied hours ago. It tasted sweet of black cherry soda but her tongue tasted even sweeter. They sucked gently at each other’s lips and played cat and mouse with each other’s tongue. Before they could get too carried away, Jim broke the kiss first and began leaving wet kisses at the corner of her mouth and up her jaw to her ear.

Their breath intermingled as he rested his forehead against hers, his large hands still encompassing her face. Pam began rubbing her hands over his shoulders and down his arms, up to his hands and back again.



“I missed you a LOT.”

“I can tell,” Pam replied with a wink after she looked down at the bulge in his pants.

“I see you’ve done some shopping. Does this outfit have anything to do with our conversation last night?”

Pam tipped her head back away from him and laughed gently. They both looked down at her outfit. She spoke softly. “Yeah. When you told me last night about that one reoccurring fantasy you’ve always had about me…where you discover me waiting for you on your desk after work wearing a tight shirt and skirt with a garter belt and thigh highs…I couldn’t help myself. It sounded too hot not to try out. Plus I’ve never owned a garter belt and thigh highs before.”

Jim smiled as a thought dawned on him. He looked back into her eyes with an eyebrow raised in question.

“Wait…so, you’re serious? You really want to try out that fantasy?”

Pam shrugged her shoulders and avoided his eyes, instead looking again at the bulge in his pants as her hands drifted over his pecs and down his stomach.

“Of course. I wouldn’t have come all this way if I didn’t really want to do it.”

Jim chuckled as he ran his fingers through her hair and said, “You know, you could have just waited till next week when you came back to work.”

She looked back into his eyes as her palm cupped him through his dress pants, stroking long and slow. He inhaled quickly. She whispered to him, “I could have waited, but…I didn’t want to. I’m sick of having phone sex and getting myself off. I want you to get me off.”

He licked his bottom lip, his eyes glazed over as she continued to stroke him slowly. “You remember that…that fantasy requires we have sex in the office, right?”

Pam nodded her head with a mischievous smile.

“And you really want to do that? Seriously?”

“Yeah! C’mon, it’ll be fun. No one is here. To be honest,” Pam lowered her voice, “I’ve always thought about having sex on your desk.”

“With ME, right?”

Pam rolled her eyes and lightly swatted his ass.

Jim grinned and stepped slightly away in order to see Pam’s face better but not far enough for her to stop her ministrations.

“What’s gotten into you? What have you done to my Pam Beesly?”

“It’s your fault. Your fantasy is what’s gotten into me. The way you described it last night…,” Pam paused to hook her ankles around the back of his legs again and pulled him hard against her, causing her skirt to rise higher on her thighs, “…it sounded so unbelievably hot. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” She leaned forward and nestled close under his chin, kissing his throat.

Jim’s eyes were heavily lidded, so transfixed he was by the sound of her voice and the things she was telling him. He blindly hooked his foot around the bottom of his chair and brought it closer to him until it hit the back of his legs. Once he sat down he lowered the chair’s height as low as it would go so he could have better access for what he wanted to do. He rested his hands on her knees.

“So how were you planning to get me to come back to the office had I been on my way home when you called?”

“I don’t know. I thought about making up some lie about Dwight, saying he called me from the roof and was threatening to jump because he couldn’t take Angela marrying Andy or something like that.

“Or you could have just told me that you were hot and wanton, waiting for me on my desk.”

“That too.”

Jim rubbed circles against her knees with his thumbs before stroking his palms up over the tops of her thighs. He brought his hands down again to the back of her knees and pulled her closer to him until her ass was sitting on the edge of the desk. Pam’s knees were now nearly touching his face so he slid his hands in between her thighs and slowly spread them apart, his hands then traveling down her legs until reaching her ankles to position her feet on the armrest of the chair on either side of him. He was now sitting in between her opened thighs. Pam sat back slightly and supported her weight on her left hand that was resting behind her as she reached down with her right and played with his hair, combing it out of his eyes. He sat forward and rubbed her thighs, playing with the straps of her garter belt and exploring the space where her thigh high stockings ended and skin began. When he tried to unclasp one of the straps, Pam stopped him.

“You don’t have to do that,” she whispered.

Jim looked up at her, a question in his eyes but she simply smiled back. Thinking he knew what she meant he looked back down at her thighs and began lifting her skirt higher. Once the skirt was bunched up around her hips he discovered the reason why she suggested he wouldn’t need to undo the straps. Underneath her skirt all she wore was the garter belt around her hips. No panties. Thinking his eyes were cheating him, he pushed her thighs further apart until he saw her open, pink and glistening for him.

“Hmm, Pam…” he softly groaned. He held on to the bunched up fabric of her skirt around her hips and lowered his face, nuzzling the insides of her thighs, leaving wet kisses at the tops of her thigh highs and biting the straps of her garter belt only to pull them back, let them go and snap against her skin gently. This elicited a sharp and excited gasp from Pam.

Jim slowly made his way to the apex of her thighs, taking his sweet time to tease her with his lips and tongue. She mewled, scooting up closer to his face and spreading her legs wider, which in turn opened her fully, putting her on perfect display for him. As he licked a trail up her right thigh, he glanced up and saw this, then bit down and moaned into her flesh.

“Jim, please…” Pam begged, stroking her fingernails against his scalp. Finally he had enough of teasing her. Jim bent his head forward and kissed her curls above her center, breathing her scent in deep. The smell of her nearly did him in. He hadn’t realized how much he had missed just her scent, let alone the taste of her. His kisses finally reached her lips, making her hips jump. Sliding his hands underneath the bunched up skirt, he held on to her hips, his fingers entwined with the fabric of her garter belt, as his tongue traveled up her wet slit to find her swollen clit. Pam threw her head back and groaned. Jim’s tongue roamed through her silken folds gently, occasionally dipping into her entrance. He alternated between using his tongue and nuzzling his lips against her, as though he were kissing her mouth.

“God, Pam, you taste so good,” he spoke against her lips. Pam moaned in response, always pleased to hear him tell her how she tasted or felt. He continued to lap greedily, feeling as though he couldn’t get enough of her. Soon her thighs began to shake, her fingers winding tightly in his hair. He focused his attention on her clit and began sucking gently around the hardened bud.

“Jim, Jim, stop, I’m going to come,” she panted, her hands trying to lift his head up.

He stopped briefly and glanced up at her, kissing her folds in between words. “Now why…would I…want to stop?”

She licked her red and swollen lips and tried to catch her breath as she explained. “Because, because I want to come with you inside me.”

Jim’s voice lowered to a deep and gravely tone. “And I want you to come in my mouth. That’s how my fantasy works, remember?”

This sent a new wave of arousal through her center. Pam groaned low in her throat and nodded, her hand coming to rest on the back of his head. He smiled at her and leaned forward again, quickly licking her into a frenzy. As soon as her thighs began to shake again and her hips threatened to jump away from him, he gripped her hips harder while his tongue refused to relent. Pam’s moans and pants grew louder as she muttered a repeating stream of Jim, and oh God until finally her orgasm ripped through her, leaving her limbs weak and her throat raw. As she came down his tongue lingered, taking great care not to press with too much pressure. He revealed in the feeling of her completely swollen against his tongue with the knowledge that he did that to her.

As soon as she could think in coherent thought again Pam reached down, grabbed his tie and yanked him up out of his chair. He swayed on his feet for a moment, then steadied himself as he reached forward and grabbed her breasts. With her hand still wrapped around his tie, she pulled him to her and smashed her lips against his, moaning from the taste of herself on his lips. His hands massaged her breasts, then opened one more button on her shirt until her bra was exposed. While sucking on her bottom lip he pulled the cups of her bra down until her breasts spilt out. His thumbs went straight for her hardened nipples, rubbing back and forth as Pam threw her head back, allowing him access to her throat. He wasted no time in nipping and kissing his way down her neck, leave a trail of gooseflesh in his wake. With knees bent and one hand supporting her back, he tipped her back slightly as his lips came down over the tops of her breasts. His tongue swirled in circles around her right nipple while he reached down to his fly with his free hand and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Pam bit her bottom lip and moaned as he moved to her left breast, sucking her nipple into his mouth. She reached blindly to undo his belt with his help. Once his belt was off and his pants undone she snaked her hand inside his boxer briefs and gripped him, running her hand down over his length, pausing to rub her thumb across his tip.

Jim groaned as he pulled back from her breast, her nipple leaving his mouth with a wet popping sound. He reached down and pulled at his boxer briefs, releasing his hardness with her hand still cuffed around him. He leaned forward and covered her hand with his own as they both teased her with his cock, covering him sufficiently in her wetness. Eventually he pulled her hand away and laced his fingers through hers as he pushed inside of her. They both watched where there bodies were joined, moaning in unison with every inch that slid into her until he finally reached the hilt and began to slowly pull back out. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered to her. Pam lifted her head to look at him, a lazy smile on her face and kissed him as she linked her hands behind his neck. Their lips lingered against one another’s, taking their time and savoring every moment as he slid in and out of her.

Pam trailed kisses from his lips and up to his jaw, whispering in his ear, “I love you so much.”

Jim’s hips suddenly jabbed against her pelvis, bringing him deeper inside of her. “God, I love you too. So much…so much.” He burrowed his face in between her neck and shoulder, moaning. “I missed you. I missed this,” she whispered again, causing him to thrust faster. With one hand delved in the hair at the back of his neck, her other hand traveled down his back to his ass to push him hard against her. “You feel so good, Jim. So good. Don’t stop,” her whispers became more ragged as he began to thrust harder and deeper, her words urging him on. Her back arched with every deep thrust, trying to bring her pelvis closer to his as her legs wrapped tighter around his waist. As their bodies rocked faster together the items on his desk threatened to fall over. But nothing in that moment could stop him short of someone walking into the office. He had missed her, the feel of her surrounding him, the sounds she made. Once inside of her it felt like it had been much longer than two weeks.

“Oh God, Pam…I gotta…I can’t—“

She was very close now. Hearing him tell her that he was close too always helped her get there. The sound of his voice when he told her he couldn’t hold on any longer was a mix of desperation and awe and it hit her straight in her center.

“Don’t hold back, please, just…let go,” she whispered frantically in his ear as she felt the first wave take hold of her. Hearing her say that and feeling her tighten around him with her own orgasm was his undoing. His eyes closed and rolled into the back of his head as he clutched her tighter in his arms, spilling himself deep inside of her, panting her name over and over again.

They rocked against each other slowly, whispering I love you as he softened inside of her, him trying to hold her upright as she leaned against his chest like a rag doll. He hadn’t realized it before but now he could feel the tightness of his muscles in his thighs and lower back. He made a mental note to suggest a hot bath with her later once he got her home.

Pam finally found her spine and sat up, her hands reaching for his sweaty hair. He smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her gently while he slipped out of her and tucked himself away in his boxer briefs. They began straightening up and once dressed and presentable he helped her off his desk. The first few steps she took were shaky and he had to hold on to her arms until he was sure she could walk on her own. They laughed at this and at the state of his desk, with everything haphazardly askew.

“I’ll make sure to come in early and fix it in the morning.” He reached for her hand and turned to leave until he felt resistance on Pam’s part. He looked over his shoulder and saw her digging through the top cabinet of his desk, retrieving his wallet. As she handed it to him they both laughed.

They made their way out of the office, turning off the lights and locking the door. Once they were inside the elevator, Pam wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. Jim leaned his head back against the wall of the elevator and sighed contently as his hands played with her hair.

“So…was it everything you hoped it would be?”

“Hmm, yeah. You?”

Pam looked up at him and smiled, then ducked her head back into his chest. “Oh yeah.”

“I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to sit at that desk again without getting a hard-on.”

“Glad I could be of assistance.”

“Yes, thank you for that.”

The elevator doors opened, revealing the golden light of late afternoon. Noting the sarcastic tone in his voice, Pam pushed herself off of Jim’s chest and began walking towards the main door. “Please, as if you didn’t already suffer from hard-ons at work.”

Jim smiled watching her walk away, her hips swaying in her tight skirt, her legs elongated and looking lovely from her stiletto heels. He called out to her, “Since I already suffer from hard-ons at work, how about sex up against the vending machine next? I could stand to never be able to look at another vending machine again without getting a hard-on.”

Pam turned to him once she reached the door and grinned. “You’re on, Halpert.”
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(Anonymous) on June 3rd, 2009 07:26 pm (UTC)
I don't even know that this will reach you as I see your journal has been deleted, but I am hopeful that it will. I was so upset to see you'd deleted your stories at MTT as I long considered you one of my favorite writers there--well, and in the fandom, really, including a lot of the writers I read on LJ. I even actually posted a few reviews here and there to your fic and I hardly ever review anyone (I always feel this weird mentality like if I review one recently updated fic, I need to review all the recently updated fic, and well, I also believe if you can't say anything nice in a review, you probably shouldn't say anything at all)

I read your post at mtt and I understood where you were coming from, that board does tend to feel clique-y. It's the main reason I don't post there very often and mainly just use it to keep track of what's going on with certain cast members. The thing is...that board isn't the be all-end all of the fandom as much as it seems like, and I know I'm not the only, nameless, faceless fan of your work. I'm not even just talking about your smut as actually, and this is the god's honest truth, i wasn't really a fan of the smut typically posted at mtt until I read yours on a whim after I read "alienation via poodle skirt", laughed my head off at poor pam, and then noticed most of your other stories had MA ratings. It is truly some of the best I've ever read, but what I really appreciated was your ability to write those situations the way you did and still managed to keep Jim and Pam believable as characters.

I know I'm probably too late with this. I know, but I also know I'm not the only one whose really really hopeful that you'll reconsider your decision to completely bow out of the forum. Even if you choose to never write Office fic again, I at least hope you might consider archiving your stories here on LJ?

Sorry about this long rambly comment you'll probably never see. Just, there's so few authors whose pen names I really get excited to see pop up in the recently posted fics and yours was always one of them.
F as in Frank: Office: S4 JAM Pam kissing Jim's cheekfauxpasweremade on July 5th, 2009 01:26 am (UTC)
Hi! This is LuxTenebrae. I deleted my old LJ back in September of last year and created a new one, thus why my old LJ username is striked through on here. I JUST read your message as I don't come by here that often since it's barely ever updated but tonight I thought I'd peek in and noticed someone had left a comment on my old post. I hope you'll possibly do the same and stop by to see that I've responded!

I want to thank you for all your incredibly kind words and compliments. I do truly appreciate it :) I should have mentioned this in my last post at MTT but the reason I took down my stories from their archive is because I no longer wanted to support a website that supports elitist behavior. I haven't decided to stop writing Office fanfic and in fact am currently working on two series at the moment. Since leaving MTT I've created my own JAM fanfiction archive and writing circle on LJ! It's called A Love So Sexy, It's Hostile and you can find it here: alovesosexy We're still trying to find more authors to post their work but in the mean time I've uploaded a lot of my old stories that were once hosted at MTT. I'm still in the process of uploading all of my stories to the new community, however. I wanted to create a community in which people could help one another with their writing abilities and offer honest feedback because one of the many problems I had with MTT's archive is that the feedback left for authors was generally mindless gushing. No constructive criticism was ever offered and I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of stories posted there are in dire need of help. Also, some authors who were either new to the site or weren't as prolific as other authors would barely ever receive feedback and I wanted to correct that and promote an atmosphere where if someone takes the time to read a story, that they leave them feedback. Since the community is relatively new, however, we haven't had many people reviewing or posting stories but hopefully by the time the new season airs, we'll get more people involved.

I sincerely hope you see this message and decide to stop by and possibly even join or watch alovesosexy :) Thank you once again for all your lovely words and for taking the time to try and reach out to me. It means a lot :)

luxtenebrae at hotmail dot com